INCEIF Launches Online Learning Platform MICRA

Kuala Lumpur, 23 March 2021 – INCEIF is pleased to introduce MICRA, an online learning platform designed to make Islamic Finance knowledge more accessible to the world. Our online courses are carefully tailored to fulfil the needs of busy professionals in search of knowledge in an array of current issues in Islamic Finance. Today, more than ever, we take advantage of the advancement in technology to access knowledge from experts from around the world according to our schedule, in the comfort of our home, office or in between.

With MICRA, prospective students can assess if Islamic Finance is the right career path for them, before investing in full-time academic programmes. Conventional finance professionals can learn the advantages of incorporating Islamic Finance products into their offerings while sustainability leaders can discover ethical financial solutions that could help them achieve their goals. Even individuals seeking for more equitable, compassionate, and earth-friendly financial solutions can learn about them in Islamic Finance.

The six categories available under the MICRA platform are:

  • Islamic Banking – Equip yourself with knowledge on Islamic Banking in practice, as our expert course facilitators simplify complex contracts, products and services for your benefit. You will be introduced to real-world, industry practices and the opportunity to understand the uniqueness of the Islamic Banking system as it operates in Islamic and secular jurisdictions.
  • Islamic Capital Markets – Advance your skills and knowledge in this sector where you will be introduced to the fundamental components of Islamic Capital Markets, short-term Islamic Money Market instruments, the Shariah-screening processes in the equities market, issuing Sukuk and the structure of Islamic commercial paper, giving you a skills-edge in the sector.
  • Islamic Insurance – Enhance your knowledge and skills in the area of Islamic insurance, or better known as Takaful with our series of Takaful modules. You will be exposed to the different types of Takaful, besides learning about the fundamentals such as its underlying contracts.
  • Islamic Social Finance –Find out what and how Islamic finance instruments such as zakat, sadaqah, and waqf, can be used with modern technology to alleviate hardship in the communities, and give equal opportunity to all to elevate their life.
  • Data Analysis – It covers analytical/quantitative methods to guide decision making and courses of actions to be taken. The emphasis of Data Analysis would be both on effective data management and rigorous modelling and interpretation of results, in light of theoretical foundations and the current state of knowledge in subjects/issues under study.
  • Shariah For Islamic Finance – Gain an appreciation of the Shariah decision-making processes involved in providing Shariah resolutions, reasons for differences in interpretation and approaches to Shariah standardisation across several jurisdictions. It equips you with the essentials for product development and understanding underlying structures of Islamic finance products & services.


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