Official Recognition For INCEIF Academic Programmes In Morocco

Kuala Lumpur, 25 Jan 2021 – INCEIF is proud to add Morocco to the growing list of international recognition for its academic programmes. To date, INCEIF academic programmes are officially recognised in nearly 10 countries worldwide including Indonesia, Turkey, Canada, Oman and China.

The latest recognition, from the Ministry of Higher Education Morocco for INCEIF’s MSc in Islamic Finance degree, certainly strengthens the university’s vision to provide talent not only in Malaysia but globally. This recognition will also add value to the postgraduate qualification and enhance its credibility internationally for INCEIF Moroccan graduates and for future potential students from the Kingdom of Morocco. Moving forward, those wishing to pursue a career or further their studies in Morocco could proceed to obtain similar qualification from the Ministry.

Morocco, said to be the most advanced country among its North African neighbours in developing Islamic finance, has allowed five Islamic banks and three windows to offer Shariah-compliant banking services in the country since early 2017. Islamic banks, known in Morocco as participatory banks, avoid interest and pure monetary speculation. In 2019, Morocco approved a law governing Takaful which gave a much-needed boost to Islamic finance in the country. Since INCEIF’s inception, 24 Moroccans have graduated from various academic programmes; small in number when compared to other countries, yet big in significance as the country looks towards Islamic finance as a feasible alternative to conventional finance.

Over the last 15 years, to demonstrate its seriousness in elevating the university in the global market of Islamic finance education, INCEIF has sought recognition from authorities in countries where it has partners and/or students. Talent development has been at the heart of INCEIF’s development strategy for Islamic finance from the very beginning. The university recognised at the outset that quality talent and expertise was an important prerequisite in driving, sustaining and supporting the growth of the industry, particularly in new markets for Islamic finance.



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