PCEO Receives Lifetime Award from Pakistan

Lahore, 25 January 2020 – INCEIF President & CEO Prof Dato’ Azmi Omar was today awarded the `Lifetime Achievement Award in Islamic Economics and Finance’ at the 3rd World Islamic Economics and Finance Conference (WIEFC) held in the cultural capital of Pakistan. The award is in recognition of Dato’ Azmi’s outstanding overall scholarly contribution and services to the discipline of Islamic economics and finance.

The annual WIEFC, organised by Minhaj University Lahore, is one of the important gatherings of Islamic finance thought leaders focussing on the ethical and social dimensions of financial services. The discussions during the conference have led to an understanding that academics, scholars and policy makers must take a leading role in giving efficient, innovative and authentic solutions to ensure that the Islamic finance industry remains on track in achieving the goals of a truly alternative and sustainable Islamic economic system.

INCEIF congratulates Dato’ Azmi on this international recognition.

Prof Dato’ Azmi Omar receiving the `Lifetime Achievement Award in Islamic Economics and Finance’ at Minhaj University Lahore

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