6 August 2018

A research team from INCEIF, the Global University of Islamic Finance, a university established by Bank Negara Malaysia, is currently collaborating with Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) to assess the sustainability of technology-based startup companies. This initiative is to further enhance the startup ecosystem in Malaysia and to ensure that favorable policies are in place for its players.

The meeting with Kaodim, a leading regional startup that offers online platform to hire broad range of services from local service providers, is a step towards better understanding of the startup environment from the lens of best practice. Kaodim shared its journey and challenges faced thus far, and highlighted suggestion of improvement in key areas to better the startup ecosystem for all the players.

Given the comprehensive coverage of the research conducted by INCEIF, which gathers input from all key stakeholders involved throughout the startup life cycle, i.e., venture capitals, private equities, corporations, and government entities, the research team believes that the input given by Kaodim is invaluable and the developed policy recommendations will play a crucial role towards ensuring that Malaysian startups are competitive in the global scene and the overall startup environment is further enhanced.

Kaodim is excited to contribute to this research and hopes for the best outcome from this effort.

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