Release of Part 3 Takaful MOOC


INCEIF is happy to announce that Part 3 of the Takaful MOOC is now available.

Curious about what is in Part 3? Below are the main topics for this module:

Takaful Operations
Time to get into the picture! In this section, you will learn about the underlying contracts in Takaful as well as the different types of Takaful Operations. This section will highlight various new terms used in the industry. It is vital to familiarise yourself with the operational jargon in order to understand the implementation of Takaful models.

Takaful Models
The lesson will illustrate the various Takaful models applied in Takaful operations and any possible risks associated with it. At the end of this lesson, learners will be able to describe and identify the models used by Takaful Operators as well as learning the importance of model selection for Takaful schemes.

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So, let’s begin now! Feel free to share your thoughts with the community to make the learning experience more interesting for all.

We wish you happy learning time and all the best!


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