PRIBUMI members to get a boost in Islamic Finance knowledge from INCEIF

Kuala Lumpur, 16 Feb 2017-INCEIF today signed a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Persatuan Remisier Bumiputera Malaysia (PRIBUMI). The main agenda of this collaboration is to provide the support that is required by PRIBUMI to upskill all their members.  There will be activities lined up nationwide to educate these members and increase their awareness on how they can leverage on Islamic finance through their dealings.

INCEIF President & CEO, Daud Vicary Abdullah signed on behalf of INCEIF while PRIBUMI was represented by their President, En Md Hasrin bin Md Hassim. 


The area of collaboration under the MoU will include building capacity and capability of PRIBUMI members through the offering of INCEIF’s Masters in Islamic Finance Practice, a postgraduate programme that covers a wide range of critical topics ranging from wealth management, banking and investment to financial services, ethics and governance; as well as INCEIF’s Professional Certificate in Islamic Finance, a programme developed to cater for industry professionals who wish to gain knowledge in certain areas of practice, in concise yet thorough curriculums with 4 specialisations to choose from, namely, Islamic Capital Market, Shariah for Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, and Islamic Wealth Management.  There will also be customised executive education to be provided for these members which will equip them with more knowledge on Islamic finance. 

The second area of the collaboration is to embark on joint research in the development of an Islamic investment model.  This special project can provide another tool for PRIBUMI to use as part of their business model. 

Last but not least, is the idea of cooperatively propagating Islamic finance through all means available.  This initiative is to support the vision for Malaysia to be the leading international centre for Islamic fund and wealth management as outlined in the recently launched “Islamic Fund and Wealth Management Blueprint” by the Securities Commission Malaysia. 

“INCEIF looks forward to establishing a strategic partnership with PRIBUMI as both parties can maximise on each other’s strength. INCEIF has come to realise that our winning strategy towards promoting the development of Islamic Finance knowledge is by forming collaborative partnerships both locally and around the globe”, said Daud Vicary Abdullah, President & CEO of INCEIF.

Daud added, “As INCEIF has been mandated to develop the talent in the financial services industry, this alliance with PRIBUMI will allow us to further penetrate the market and educate remisiers on how Islamic finance can benefit them and their clients in the long run”.

PRIBUMI represents the interest of about 2,000 Bumiputera dealer’s representatives (DR) nationwide. The association has been recognised as one of the outstanding accredited education providers and a resource to facilitate industry education in the interest of the DR fraternity as well as the public.


“PRIBUMI has a continuous commitment to education within the industry and is dedicated to training the DRs and promoting the highest standards of professionalism for leadership roles.  This MoU and our venture into Islamic finance is a huge stepping stone for PRIBUMI.  Through this collaboration with INCEIF, it will give us the opportunity to embark on research projects to develop additional models for the capital market and innovative investment products which can comply with Islamic finance principles”, said Md Hasrin bin Md Hassim in his speech.

This strategic union between INCEIF and PRIBUMI will further facilitate industry education in the interest of the DR fraternity as well as the public community.  The research developments, ongoing education and training for professional skill enhancement will allow the DR to be well equipped when confronting new challenges.

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