Universitas Islam Indonesia Visits INCEIF

Kuala Lumpur, 17 Jan 2017: INCEIF today has the pleasure of hosting 35 students from Universitas Islam Indonesia of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The undergraduates from Faculty of Islamic Studies were in Kuala Lumpur for a study tour that included visits to Islamic financial institutions, institutions of higher learning and regulatory bodies. 

Assoc Prof Dr Eskandar Shah Mohd Rashid was on hand to welcome them and gave a briefing on postgraduate studies in Islamic Finance, and career opportunities in Islamic Finance. He also elaborated on the programmes and executive training offered by INCEIF. Indonesia, with the highest Muslim population in the world at 280 million, is one of INCEIF’s significant markets. Its importance is also due to the close proximity of the country to Malaysia and the encouraging development in its Islamic Finance industry. Indonesians are among the top 5 international students at INCEIF.


During the Q-and-A session following the briefing, Dr Eskandar managed to provide clearer explanations on issues relating to the importance of being proficient in English when studying at INCEIF;  the job prospects of an Islamic Finance graduate and the important role everyone has to play to promote Islamic Finance.

“Together we can all show the world the beauty of Islamic Finance, and what the system has to offer in bringing stability to the global financial and economic landscape,” Dr Eskandar added.

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