Part 4 (Final Part): Introduction To Islamic Finance 1

Computer and Book

We would like to thank hundreds of learners from around the Globe who took our initial Part 1,2 and 3 MOOCs in Islamic finance. Your performance had been outstanding. We are pleased to announce that Part 4, which is the final part, has been released. We look forward to your participation to complete your MOOCs journey with us.

Curious about what is in Part 4?

This final part of Introduction to Shariah course comes with a few more interesting topics which are:

  • Principles Based on Trade/Sale
  • Ijarah (Leasing)
  • The Profit-sharing Principles
  • Fee-based Principles
  • Supporting Principles

At the end of Part 4, you will be able to assess and evaluate the products and services offered by the Islamic financial institutions in your country and elsewhere where the Islamic finance industry is thriving.

So, let’s begin now. Invite yourself to share more ideas, interact with your friends, contribute your knowledge and participate in all the activities we have prepared for you. We wish you a happy learning time and all the best!

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