Public Notice : Update 16 July 2014

Pursuant to the Public Notice issued yesterday 15 July 2014, we wish to respond to the following allegations that are baseless and incorrect as follows:


Allegation 1 : “INCEIF usually only recruit full time staff with PhDs.”
INCEIF : Our Recruitment Policy does not require PhD to be one of the criteria.

19 % of our faculty members are not PhD holders but have the required work experience as per Malaysian Qualification Agency guidelines.

Allegation 2 : “… none of their staff have ever worked for a bank …”
INCEIF : 23 % of our faculty have held management positions in banking and takaful institutions, and currently serve on the board and committees of banking and takaful institutions.
Allegation 3 : “The industry badly needs faculty with banking experience, not just Malaysian PhD’s, to be chosen from many nationalities, not just Malaysians, and to have excellent English language speaking and writing skills.”
INCEIF : 62 % of our faculty obtained their PhD outside Malaysia.

35 % of our faculty are non-Malaysian.

Subject to vacancy, we recruit faculty members based on their eminence in their respective field, distinction gained and high achievement accomplished, apart from academic qualification.

We give equal opportunity to all and do not discriminate based on creed, color, religion or mother tongue.


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