Of grooming, fitness and coffee

Kuala Lumpur: INCEIF campus was a hive of activity this week when staff and students get first-hand information and valuable tips on grooming from experts during the INCEIF Corporate Grooming Week. Each day for two hours, they get to find out more about how to look and feel good from speakers who also include staff of INCEIF. More importantly, everyone gets to see another side of their colleagues or more specifically their hidden talents aside from their day job.  

The week kicked off with a ‘Corporate Grooming Workshop’ by INCEIF Chief Operations Officer Mohd Zamree Ishak. Among the topics he elaborated on during the workshop are the importance of appropriate dressing, colour coordination for office wear and types of dress codes. Having worked in the financial industry for nearly two decades before he joined INCEIF, Mr Zamree shared his invaluable experience of dressing for an industry that values professionalism and attention to details.


Marketing & Communication Senior Executive Mohd Iftitah Suratmin shared his take on suits during a session on `Fashion Sense: Suit Up!’. As someone who keeps himself up-to-date with the latest trends in menswear, Mr Iftitah educated the audience on the difference between double and single-breasted suits; two and three-buttoned suits; and the difference in colours (grey, blue, black etc.) to suit the occasion. While he spoke on the easy availability of suitable suits from different price range and established brands, he also suggested having one made to suit yourself from a regular tailor. “It is not so much about the brand or following the latest in fashion. It should be about what suits you best,” he added. 


Business Development Manager Mariesa Mohd Ross spoke on ‘First Impression Counts’ where she emphasised on the need to give a good impression when meeting clients or prospective employers for the first time.  Apart from the physical appearance, she said when it came to seeking employment, job-seekers must also ensure that their resume were impeccable content-wise as a single grammar or spelling mistake might put the potential employer off. 



It was not all about work though. Governance Senior Executive Ulfah Kamaruzaman took the audience through the brief history of coffee (a shepherd stumbled upon coffee after noticing that his goats got hyperactive after eating the beans); how to differentiate between Arabica and Robusta; and the best way to brew your coffee. Though no barista herself, Ms Ulfah who drinks a mug of freshly brewed coffee daily, managed to educate the audience on the finer things in coffee making. She also brought several types of beans for the audience to have a first-hand look of what they have or could be drinking in the future. The Student Lounge, where the presentation was held, smelt like a coffee café when Ms Ulfah later served Arabica and Robusta freshly brewed coffee for everyone to taste.

kevinApart from the staff, INCEIF also invited two external speakers. Celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist Kevin Zahri had everyone up from their seats and trying out a few simple exercise during hi session on health talk. Saying that he loved his nasi lemak and teh tarik as much as the next Malaysian, Mr Kevin said the secret to good health was a balanced life – everything in moderation be it food or exercise. Also, each of us have our own challenges such as lifestyle and genetics influences, therefore one person’s diet and exercise routine may not be another person’s ideal diet and exercise routine. The solution is to find the one that suits you and stick to it.

Blogger and hijabista Shahirah Elaiza spoke on `Islamic corporate image for women’.  She elaborated on the Islamic take on personal image by defining the Islamic corporate image. Quoting Surah al-Araf, verse 31, Shahirah said Islam encouraged its followers, as the verse said, “to wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer: eat and drink. But waste not by excess, for Allah loves not the wasters. So we owe it to ourselves to represent Islam in a good way, one of which is by looking good, smelling good and being a person who is pleasing to people around him or her.”   


Overall, students and staff found the sessions useful and looked forward to more of such events in the future. The INCEIF Corporate Grooming Week was co-organised by the Admission and Student Affairs Department and the Human Resource Department.



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