INCEIF and Hay Group to come up with a leadership blueprint for the global Islamic Finance industry

INCEIF – The Global University of Islamic Finance and global management consultancy group, Hay Group, have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to develop behavioural leadership competencies blueprint for the global Islamic finance industry.


(From left) INCEIF Prof Syed Abdul Hamid Aljunid, President & CEO Daud Vicary, Hay Group Regional Managing Director Dato’ Tharuma Rajah and Managing Consultant Taranjeet Singh.

This opportunity will enable INCEIF to take the lead as a catalyst in developing the required competencies for Islamic finance professionals, specifically the role that Syariah principles play in ensuring ethical leadership qualities. The leadership competencies will complement INCEIF’s existing academic programmes which are already embedded with Islamic finance competencies including an in-depth understanding of the principles of Syariah. This would ensure that graduating students have a more rounded perspective.

For Hay Group, the MoA is a prospect to conduct ground-breaking research in leadership competencies required for the Islamic finance industry with a globally renowned academic institution. Being a globally recognised human capital consulting firm, this research will further strengthen the understanding of what makes a good Islamic finance professional, specifically from a behavioural perspective. The opportunity to distinguish key leadership behaviours for Islamic finance professionals will have an impact on the personal growth and professional development of leaders within this industry. This in turn would have a significant bearing on the development of the industry at large.

The MoA was signed by INCEIF President & CEO Daud Vicary Abdullah and Hay Group Regional Managing Director for Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central Eastern Europe, Latin America & Mexico Dato’ Tharuma Rajah. The signing ceremony was witnessed by INCEIF Prof Syed Abdul Hamid Aljunid and Hay Group Managing Consultant Taranjeet Singh.

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