Universitas Gadjah Mada visits INCEIF

A group of MBA students from Universiats Gadjah Mada in Indonesia visited INCEIF today to learn about Islamic Finance. INCEIF is one of the stops for the students’ study tour to Kuala Lumpur which included a visit to Bank Negara Malaysia and Bursa Malaysia.


Datuk Syed Othman at the briefing.

Headed by Mr Mahfud Sholihin, Lecturer and Head of Accounting Department, the 12 students from the university’s MBA International programme were briefed on Islamic Finance and INCEIF’s role in providing human talent for the global Islamic financial services industry by INCEIF Chief Academic Officer Prof Datuk Dr Syed Othman Alhabshi. The presentation was followed by a Q-and-A session where Datuk Syed Othman elaborated on the distinct differences between conventional finance and Islamic finance.

Indonesians are the top five foreign students at INCEIF, proving that the Islamic finance industry is gaining interest in one of the world’s most populous Muslim countries.

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