INCEIF reaffirms network in Indonesia

INCEIF has increased its effort to develop new contacts and strengthen ties with existing partners in Indonesia, one of its important international markets.


INCEIF President & CEO Mr Daud Vicary Abdullah and Chief Academic Officer Datuk Prof Syed Othman Alhabshi were in Jakarta to speak at separate industry events as well as hold meetings with parties interested to increase their involvement in Islamic finance in collaboration with INCEIF.
Earlier in the day, Mr Daud joined a group of panellists to discuss `Islamic capital markets and sukuk: Innovation in regulations and structuring to support growth’ at the IFN Forum Indonesia.

The forum, held at Hotel Mulia, was officially opened by Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance Director General at the Debt Management Office, Mr Robert Pakpahan.  More than 400 participants from among the financial players and regulators in Indonesia attended the forum.

In his keynote address, Mr Pakpahan reaffirmed Indonesia’s commitment to Islamic finance.” The government of Indonesia has a strong commitment to support Islamic financial market development through sukuk issuance regularly in domestic as well as in global market. The existence of sukuk has been very important to the growth of Islamic finance as it enables Islamic financial institutions such as Islamic banks, takaful companies, Islamic funds, corporate and other uses to more effectively diversify source of funding and investments, manage balance sheet and liquidity risks through financial practices that comply with Shariah principles,” Mr Pakpahan added.

INCEIF also put up a booth at an exhibition held on the sideline of the forum. Participants took this opportunity to enquire about INCEIF academic and executive training programmes.

On 12 April, Datuk Syed Othman delivered a lecture “Islamic Finance: New realities, challenges and opportunities” at a joint public lecture organised by Bank Indonesia, Indonesia’s central bank, and INCEIF at the central bank in Jakarta.

This is the first in INCEIF’s series of public lecture to be held abroad.

Bank Indonesia is one of INCEIF’s first collaborative partners. In 2006, INCEIF signed a MoU with Bank Indonesia’s training arm, Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia, to develop human capital for the Islamic financial services industry in Indonesia.

Indonesian students are the top three international students at INCEIF. In Jakarta, there are more than 40 alumni of INCEIF who have graduated from INCEIF’s three programmes – Chartered Islamic Finance Professional, Masters in Islamic Finance and PhD in Islamic Finance.

Members of the Jakarta Alumni Chapter held a get-together with INCEIF’s President & CEO, Mr Daud Vicary Abdullah, at Hotel Mulia. The get-together was joined by a number of INCEIF online CIFP students. They took the opportunity to catch up on INCEIF news and happenings.


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