IDB on campus at INCEIF

Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group is at INCEIF, The Global University Of Islamic Finance, to recruit suitable candidates among students and alumni to join the Young Professionals Programme(YPP) from the IDB Group.
The YPP is a strategic talent pipeline programme that is designed for outstanding graduates who can significantly contribute towards the IDB Group achieving its’ mission which is to promote comprehensive human development, with a focus on the priority areas of alleviating poverty, promoting education, improving governance and prospering the people.

Mr Mohd Adam Mohd Basor, Specialist for Leadership & Staff Development at IDB, said INCEIF’s specialisation in Islamic finance was the main draw for IDB to recruit from among INCEIF students and graduates.


Mr Mohd Adam at the talk on career at the IDB.

“Their qualification in Islamic finance is certainly a welcome criterion for us as it fits with IDB’s mission. There is also the fact that INCEIF students and graduates come from diverse background and countries. IDB currently employs people from 82 countries, which bring me to one of the attractions of working at IDB, the opportunity to work in an international work and cultural exposure,” said Mohd Adam.

The YPP prepares participants to receive extensive exposure and experience in the IDB Group’s various activities through job rotations accross different departments. The programme, over a period of two years, enables the participants for a career in the IDB Group. Among the eligibility criteria are strong academic qualifications with outstanding results from reputable institutions and knowledge in specialised areas.  INCEIF is honoured to host the IDB delegation on campus as part of their YPP recruitment process.

“Beyond the academic merits, we are also looking for candidates who would be committed to what we, at IDB, are trying to achieve for the betterment of the ummah. They must also have leadership potential and have a cultural fit to IDB,” added Mohd Adam.

The YPP recruitment is carried twice a year and each recruitment, typically, attracts thousands of applications from all over the world. The last recruitment exercise saw only eight successful applicants, proving that the selection process is very vigorous. The recruitment is carried out beyond the 56 member countries, and the team has previously gone to US and Canada to recruit candidates. In future, IDB envisions that 50 per cent of its staff would be those who `graduated’ through the YPP.

Prior to the start of the individual interviews, Mohd Adam gave a talk to INCEIF students and alumni. Successful candidates from today’s interview will attend the final selection interview at IDB headquarters in Jeddah which is tentatively scheduled for May.

The on-campus interview selection process is the third joint project between INCEIF and the IDB Group. In end 2012, INCEIF & the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) and The Centre Africain D’Etude Supérieure en Gestion (CESAG)  signed an MOU to impart training and education in Islamic finance to West African French speaking countries through establishing an Islamic Finance Academy in the region. ICD is the private sector arm of IDB while CESAG is the training institute of the Central Bank of the West African States. The first project between the two institutions started in 2011 with  INCEIF delivering postgraduate Islamic finance programme to selected participants from ICD member countries.

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