Election fever with international flavour at INCEIF

INCEIF students from all over the world today voted for the first time to have their representatives on the inaugural INCEIF’s Student Representative Council. The online voting system was made available to students from 11:00pm, 13 February (GMT +8:00 Malaysian time). Voting will be closed at 5:30pm, 14 February (GMT +8:00 Malaysian time).
For the past two weeks, the election campaign for the SRC was in full swing with candidates campaigning to be elected representatives for INCEIF’s 2,112 students, both full time and online from over 80 countries.


A total of 15 candidates vied for the nine seats on the SRC. Reflective of the overwhelming number of international students at INCEIF, only two of the 15 candidates are Malaysians. Others are full time CIFP, Masters in Islamic Finance and PhD in Islamic Finance students from Indonesia, India, Japan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria and Uzbekistan.

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