Growing Academic Excellence and Reputation

In 2012 INCEIF has steadily been making waves within Academia with its growing thought leadership and focus on academic excellence. In keeping with its growing reputation, INCEIF’s faculty is further bolstered by luminaries who are globally respected.

Beginning January 2013 semester, Emeritus Professor Dr Rodney Wilson joins INCEIF as a full-time faculty member to teach Islamic Banking and supervise PhD candidates. Prof Wilson brings with him two decades of experience in teaching Islamic finance, specifically banking. Among his major contribution towards the advancement of Islamic finance education is:

  • Founding the Islamic Finance program at Durham University UK.
  • Assisting the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies as a Visiting Professor.


Prof Wilson has served as:

  • Advisor on Shariah governance to the Islamic Financial Services Board, Kuala Lumpur, (2007-9)
  • Member of the Monetary Policy and Prudential Ratios to the Central Bank of Qatar, (2009-10)
  • Member of the OECD Taskforce on Corporate Governance for Stock Exchanges in MENA Region (2011 – 2012)

Prof Wilson has authored and co-authored books and written numerous articles on Islamic finance, his most recent publications being `Legal, Regulatory and Governance Issues in Islamic Finance, Edinburgh and Columbia University Presses, 2012’ and  `Economic Development in the Middle East, Routledge, London and New York, first edition, 1995, second edition, 2012’.
Another luminary who has joined INCEIF is Emeritus Prof Dr Seyed Kazem Sadr whose area of expertise is economics. He has nearly three decades of teaching experience with his last stint being at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. He specialises in Islamic economics and finance since the early 1980s.

Prof Sadr is a member of:


  • Iran’s Tax Affairs Organisation.
  • Iran’s Islamic Banking Draft Committee for the Finance Ministry (1982).
  • Islamic Banking Promotion Committee for Money and Banking Research Institute at the Central Bank of Iran (2001-2006)

In addition to the two luminaries, INCEIF is also pleased to announce the appointments of Assistant Prof Dr Mohamed Eskandar Shah Mohd Rashid and Dr Tunku Alina Raja Muhd Alias as Adjunct Research Fellow.

Dr Eskandar’s area of expertise includes Futures, Options and Risk Management and International Finance and Corporate Finance. His main research interests are in the areas of asset pricing, portfolio theory, capital structure and international finance. He has published articles in refereed international and local journals. He currently serves as Treasurer for the Malaysian Finance Association.

Dr. Alina, who is one of INCEIF’s pioneering PhD graduates, undertook her PhD in Waqf and along with INCEIF’s Prof of Comparative Economic History Prof Murat Cizakca, is currently working on a proposal for a new comprehensive waqf law for Malaysia.  As an Adjunct Research Fellow, Dr Alina would contribute towards strengthening INCEIF’s research capabilities particularly in the area of waqf.
With these 4 appointments made in the January 2013 Semester, INCEIF Faculty strength now stands at 39. They include 20 Professors of Islamic Finance, making INCEIF the sole university in the world with such a high concentration of senior Islamic Finance faculty members. With the combined wealth of experience and diversity among INCEIF  Faculty members and strong support from industry players in Malaysia and abroad, INCEIF strives forward in its vision to be The Knowledge Leader in Islamic Finance.


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