Prof Murat discussed Islamic capitalism on Turkish TV

INCEIF Professor of Comparative Economic History, Prof Murat Çizakça went on Turkish TV today to discuss the Islamic economy and capitalism and their standing in today’s world.  He appeared as the sole speaker on a one-hour-and-a-half programme called “Siyasi Akil” (Turkish for Political Wisdom) on the TGRT channel.


Prof Murat making his points on Turkish TV.

Viewers got to listen to Prof Murat discussing the history of Islamic capitalism; from the beginning where the principles were first revealed in the Qur’an, how it was practiced during Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) time, how it evolved over the centuries and its modernised applications today. On the issue of modernisation, Prof Murat focused on the work he is doing at INCEIF together with his colleagues. He summarised the basic points of what was being done at INCEIF as follows:



1) Introduce a historical Islamic financial institution

2) Modernise it with INCEIF’s financial engineers with inputs from ISRA scholars.


Prof Murat said “The modern Islamic capitalism will be born this way, and INCEIF is at the forefront of this movement.”

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