GETSB & INCEIF – Setting the pace

July 13 – Great Eastern Takaful Sdn Bhd (GETSB) today marks its collaboration with International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) in a small private launch witnessed by members of the media as well as esteemed Board of Directors from both sides at INCEIF’s new campus in Petaling Jaya today.


The classroom sponsor in INCEIF’s new building was the brainchild of this unique partnership which was initiated back in 2010, during the auspicious launch of GETSB. It was at this event that an RM1million cheque was handed to INCEIF and to further strengthen the tie, a textbook publication came into birth. This book, entitled “Takaful: Realities and Challenges” discussed about risk, risk management and the operational aspects of the two broad classes of Takaful products, namely, General and Family Takaful.


GETSB chairman Datuk Kamaruddin Taib giving a speech in the sponsored classroom.

With the inspiration of promoting continuous learning in support of developing human capital and knowledge transfer, this collaboration in developing Islamic Finance via research, training and education will further spur a professional talent pool that is most desired by the industry. Thus, these commitments will entail more experts in Islamic Finance within the industry practitioners and further support the need of professional talent in this rapid growth industry.


Chairman of GETSB, Datuk Kamaruddin Taib said in his speech today “The collaboration with INCEIF marks another milestone for the Takaful industry as we move forward in building and developing knowledgeable and skilful human resources to support the growth and development of the Islamic finance industry both locally and globally. This partnership encompasses the idea behind the tagline of GETSB’s ‘Takaful for All’ approach with its vision of ‘Paving the way to a GrEaT and COLORFUL life: TAKAFUL FOR YOU & ME’.


INCEIF is grateful for the contribution as it will certainly contributes towards its efforts in providing conducive study environment as well as world class research activities. As a university set up by Bank Negara Malaysia to focus on providing human capital for the financial services industry, INCEIF truly appreciates the support from the industry and today in particular, the Great Eastern group.

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