Visitors from Kuwait

INCEIF today played host to 17 undergraduates from the Islamic Finance Club of the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait. The university, based in Kuwait City, is the first private university in Kuwait and is home to over 5,000 students.

Dr Ahcene Lahsasna briefing the visitors from Gulf University for Science and Technology.

The accompanying Faculty member, Assistant Professor at the university’s College of Business Administration Dr Khiyar Abdalla Khiyar said the students were in Kuala Lumpur as part of the Islamic Finance Club’s awareness programme where members are encouraged to see first-hand the growth of Islamic finance.

“Malaysia being the hub of a thriving and effective Islamic finance industry was definitely a must visit for us. We are here at INCEIF in particular to learn what is INCEIF’s role in the promotion and development of the industry,” said Dr Khiyar.

INCEIF Shariah & Legal Studies Lecturer and Graduate Studies Advisor Dr Ahcene Lahsasna briefed the group on an overview of INCEIF. He also highlighted INCEIF’s unique relationship with the industry which resulted in regular interaction between INCEIF students and Faculty with the industry players. This way, INCEIF keeps a close ear to the latest happenings in the industry, therefore closing the gap between academia and the industry.

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