DePaul University visits INCEIF

A delegation from DePaul University consisting of 18 business students and 2 economic professors visited INCEIF today. The visit is part of a study tour to Singapore and Malaysia led by Professor Thomas S. Mondschean. The objective for the study tour to Malaysia is to provide students with a broader view of how business is conducted here as well as insights into Malaysia’s economic strategy.

Prof Saiful briefing the DePaul visitors.
They were welcomed by Mr. Daud Vicary Abdullah (President & Chief Executive Officer, INCEIF) who presented an overview of INCEIF’s vision and direction to them. Professor Saiful Azhar Rosly (Head, Banking Department, INCEIF) then presented on the topic ‘Traditional  Borrowing Loan Instruments: Asset Based Credit Financing’ followed by Professor Dato’ Kamaruddin Sharif (Head, Takaful & Wealth Planning Department, INCEIF) on ‘Takaful’.

There were a number of questions from the floor with a few students indicating that they were interested to further their studies in Islamic finance. The students earlier had the opportunity to visit Johor and Melaka after their trip to Singapore. A few have also indicated that they were fortunate to sample local cuisines as well as experience local culture.

The visit ended with a networking session between the students and presenters.

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