Visit by Malaysian Bar Council

A delegation from the Islamic Finance Committee of the Malaysian Bar Council led by visited INCEIF today. They were received by INCEIF President & Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Daud Vicary Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Zainal Azam Abdul Rahman (Head of Shari’ah and Legal Studies Department) and Prof. Dr. Syed Abdul Hamid Aljunid (Head of Economics and Governance Department).

Mr Daud Vicary briefing the delegates from Malaysian Bar Council.

The Islamic Finance Committee of Malaysian Bar Council was represented by 9 delegates led by the Malaysian Bar Council President Mr. Lim Chee Wee and Chairperson of the Islamic Finance Committee Dato’ Yasmeen Shariff. Mr. Daud Vicary presented an overview on INCEIF and provided some figures on Islamic finance growth to the visitors. A discussion was then started by Mr. Lim to which 3 areas were identified for possible collaborations. They are marketing and branding, education and training and lastly conference partnership. INCEIF will also work alongside Malaysian Bar Council in educating the next generation of upcoming lawyers in Islamic finance.

A series of follow-up meetings will be set up in the coming weeks. INCEIF looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Malaysian Bar Council.

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