Dr Wang Yong Bao joins INCEIF

INCEIF welcomes Associate Professor Dr Wang Yong Bao to INCEIF Faculty who joins us as a Visiting Associate Professor with immediate effect. He is with the Shariah & Legal Studies Department and will teach “Shariah Aspects of Business & Finance” and “Shariah Rules in Financial Transactions”.

Dr Wang Yong Bao

Dr Wang holds a PhD in Shariah Law and a PhD in Islamic Civilisation – Diplomacy from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). He majors in legal framework and policies in the Middle East and South East Asia environment. His advice is regularly sought in areas of Shariah compliances investment and funding activities, research and develops Shariah compliances consulting service packages.
Dr Wang is an Associate Professor of Arabic Language, Literature and Islamic Studies at Xi`an International Studies University in China and is the first Shariah Scholar from China to teach at INCEIF.  He speaks and writes in English, Arabic and Mandarin. He authored two books, i.e.: “Diplomacy: Theory and Practice in Islam” published by IIUM and “Witness in Islamic Law” (in Arabic) published by Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. He also has translated into Mandarin several books as well as booklets on Islamic matters including “The Human Rights Tradition in Islam” authored by Prof. Dr Muddathir Abdel-Rahim;  “Islam: A Comprehensive Way of Life” authored by Prof. Dr Ahmed Mustaph Farid”;  and “The Good Reason for Prohibiting Pork” authored by Prof. Dr Mahdi Muhammad”.

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