American universities interested to find out more about INCEIF

A total of 37 MBA students and senior lecturers from several American universities were briefed on the opportunities and challenges in Islamic Finance during their visit to INCEIF today. The briefing was conducted by Prof Dato’ Dr Kamaruddin Sharif, Head of Takaful & Wealth Planning Department.

From University of Maryland,  the 12 MBA students were headed by Dr Hassan Ibrahim, a Tyser Teaching Fellow of Information Systems from the Robert H. Smith School of Business. The other group comprised 23 US business school professors, as part of University of Hawaii’s Center for International Business Education and Research, Southeast Asia Faculty Development Program in International Business. The professors are from varied academic discipline including international business, organisational behavior/management, accounting and law; and from a number of universities in US including Temple University, Purdue University and University of Wisconsin.

Mr Grant Kim, of the Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii, said the professors were thoroughly engaged by the presentation and some have begun post-trip discussions on Islamic finance with goals of incorporating the content into their classes and research program.

“We also enjoyed the camaraderie with the University of Maryland MBA students and hearing from their perspectives,” he added.

Dr Hassan said the MBA students were conducting a “Doing Business in Malaysia” study and wanted to find out one of its growing components  which is Islamic Finance.

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