INCEIF welcomes new batch of students

INCEIF today welcomes students to its City Campus for the start of the Sep 2010 semester. Over the weekend, about 50 students and prospective students attended the INCEIF Students Day where they were welcomed by Prof Datuk Syed Othman Alhabshi, INCEIF Chief Academic Officer.

The welcome remarks was followed by briefings on the facilities available to students of INCEIF such as the ICT facilities, the Student Lab and the e-University. In addition, INCEIF students has access to the resources available at the Knowledge Management Centre, including 14,000 books and e-books on a wide range of titles covering among others, Islamic Finance, biographies and International Financing Review Market Intelligence reports.

The new batch of students included Malaysians and foreigners who are pursuing the Chartered Islamic Finance Professional (CIFP), Masters in Islamic Finance and PhD in Islamic Finance.

The next semester, January 2011, will begin on 10 January 2011. Applications for the CIFP for the Jan 2011 semester will be opened until the second week of the semester. Application for the Masters and PhD programmes for the Jan 2011 semester closes on 30 Sep 2010.

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