Determinant of securitization spread in Malaysia


Malaysian firms have been reported to be involved in Asset-Backed Securities since 1986 when Cagamas Bhd was the pioneer in the field. This research aims to examine the factors influencing spread in Malaysia’s securitization market. In order to provide a test of stability and a choice of model, the multicollinearity test was conducted by providing information on the degree of correlation between the explanotary variables used in the multivariate regression analysis. Ordinary Least Square method was used for baseline, and panel data analysis was applied during the study period (2004-2012) for a more robust check of the analysis. The data were obtained from 90 non-financial firms or institutions and the number of observations carried out was 387. The results show that four determinants influence or contribute to the primary market spread and are statistically significant in developing securitisation in Malaysia. It can be concluded that loan to value, maturity, debt and crisis significantly contribute to the determinant primary market spread.


Primary market, Spread, Determinants, Asset backed securities and regression analysis


Bakri, Mohammed Hariri and Sufian, Fadzlan and Abdul Hamid, Baharom and Ismail, Shafinar. (2018). Determinant of securitization spread in Malaysia. International Journal of Business and Society, 19 (3), pp. 904-917.


Faculty of Economics and Business, UNIMAS

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