Create partnership rather than compete

Everything that man has created comes with a Manual e.g. iPhone, computers, etc….so we can operate it effectively without damaging it.
But let us not forget that we ourselves are a creation of Allah SWT. Our Creator too has provided us a manual.

In al Baqarah 2:2 – “There is no doubt that this book (al Quran) is a guide for the pious.”

Of course, the al Quran will exalt that the best operational procedures for man have been illustrated by the Prophet (pbuh) in actions or narrations. As we are very well aware these two constitute the main part of Shariah.

The objectives of Shariah are:
• Centred on providing benefits to the individual and the community;
• Designed so as to protect these benefits and prevent harm; and
• To facilitate the improvement and perfection of the conditions of human life on earth

Then, we should acclaim that whatever constitutes right or wrong should be in accordance with Shariah and not as determined by society and human logic.

Even a commercial transaction is a form of worship that emphasizes spirituality and morality to achieve justice and benevolence.
In al An’am 6:160 – “For a single good deed, one will be rewarded tenfold. But the recompense for a bad deed will be equal to that of the deed and no injustice will be done to anyone.”

Hence doing “good things” in businesses is not only the true form of CSR but at the same time ensures profitability, a 1000% ROA.
As we try to break new barriers we should not forsake life balance, of others and ours. Let our actions be predicated on Shariah.
On another note, the internet-information age has made the world smaller and faster. We should realise the inevitable – that time has always been limited and thus we need to learn – to become more skilled in living and to work together with others. It is the latter that we need to be constantly be reminded of.

We must appreciate the preciousness of the other human being because” I can’t do it all, I’m so glad you are here to do what you do. Through your doings and sharing, my experience of life is enriched.”

In al Maidah 5:2 “cooperate with each other in righteousness and piety, not in sin and hostility

This verse has been acclaimed as the foundation of Takaful a concept of mutual cooperation and protection. Let us embraced this trait be part of life discipline. Whether in the ordinary course of life or in business be sincere with our acquaintances and continue to build relationships (i.e. your social capital). Create partnerships rather than compete. No man is an island.

By Ezamshah Ismail, Senior Teaching Fellow

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