UPDATED: 9 May 2022

Malaysia has transitioned to an endemic phase of COVID-19, effective 1 April 2022. In light of this, INCEIF University is open to all – students and visitors, albeit with face masks while on campus, as we work and live safely with COVID-19. Notwithstanding this, the learning and teaching remain online for the immediate future.

The Registry and Student Services (RSS) team is always available to assist students remotely and can be contacted via:

It is our utmost priority to protect the health, well-being and safety of everyone on campus while we ensure our students’ education continues (and for some, concludes) to the highest standard. We are grateful for everyone’s support as we embraced this new normal together. We look forward to welcome everyone back on campus.



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COVID-19 Protective Measures

At INCEIF, measures taken by the Malaysian Government to control the pandemic, particularly the MCO, led to a new normal that was far from ‘business as usual.’ One visible change was the shift in the work and study environment for staff and students respectively, with physical distancing forcing INCEIF to temporarily close its campus and institute a work-from-home Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for briefings, online studies and assessments.

Important Contact Numbers

For Students, contact:

012-657 6711
012-620 7511
012-657 2711
012-226 2764

E-mail: studentservices@inceif.org

For Prospective Students, contact:

016-426 5342
016-295 5342
016-429 5342

E-mail: marketing@inceif.org

For Visitors, contact:

E-mail: information@inceif.org

For Staff, contact:

012-212 8624
016-386 7636
019-386 8578
019-909 6022

E-mail: hc@inceif.org

Ministry of Health of Malaysia

Crisis Preparedness And Response Centre (CPRC) Kebangsaan

03-8881 0200
03-8881 0600
03-8881 0700

E-mail: cprc@moh.gov.my

For enquiries on the restricted movement order, contact:

03-8888 2010