Purpose of SRC

  • Represent the Student Body of INCEIF ? both local and international Student Body.
  • Bridge the gap between Student Body and INCEIF academic faculty and management.
  • Ensure that the Students’ interest is looked after.
  • Foster ties and promote collaboration among students.


Immediate to Medium Term

  • Main point of contact for student affairs (in collaboration with the Admission and Student Affairs Department (ASAD) and INCEIF student affairs officer).
  • Represents students external forums.
  • Organises activities for students ? social, academic and career related.


Long Term

Undertake activities for the benefit of the council with a view to being self -sufficient.
What it means to be part of INCEIF Student Union:-

  • Part of a global community ? students from 87 countries around the world.
  • A contact point for all students to interact, online, campus, full time and part time.
  • Exposed to other students with a myriad of different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Be exposed to a vast network of academicians and working professional.
  • Meet people who share common interest and visions.


Benefits of being a member of the Student Body

  • Part of a community of like- minded and caring people, also an avenue for voicing ideas and sharing concerns.
  • Participation in student activities.
  • Interaction opportunities with students from other institutions of higher learning, within Malaysia and globally.
  • United as a Student Body, members can work on ideas with others, and also have the help of the elected representatives.
  • The student body provides an avenue to voice out opinions and lets the members? voice be heard.