“As the chairman of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Malaysia (in 2007), I asked the bank’s president to look into the possibilities of opening up an Islamic window at the bank. The response was it would be difficult to do so due to lack of competent human resource.  Both the president and I did not have enough knowledge on Islamic finance products. I thought as executives of the bank, we should at least know the core idea of Islamic finance."

Yoshihiro Watanabe, Japan
CIFP 2013, MD, Institute for International Monetary Affairs, Japan, Advisor of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

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“I chose to study at INCEIF because its programme has a combination of three different disciplines which are Shariah principles, conventional finance and quantitative methods. The qualification provides me with a strong foundation in Islamic finance."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ginanjar Dewandaru, Indonesia
PhD 2015, INCEIF

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“As a non-Muslim I found the world of Islamic finance particularly new and exciting. I believe this rapidly expanding industry will offer promising and challenging work for people of all faiths. I chose the CIFP programme as it provides a strong foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of Islamic finance. I am convinced this qualification will provide the necessary training to help further my career.”

Ho Kwong Chin, Malaysia
CIFP 2010, Magistrate, Malaysia

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“With hardly a solid background in Islamic finance, I wanted to start my involvement in the industry with a firm foundation. And I got that from the CIFP. In addition, the faculty members and support staff at INCEIF were truly supportive throughout my study at INCEIF. My course mates, who came from all over the world, really bonded and some have become like family to me. I was employed by Thomson Reuters during my CIFP articleship that was coordinated by INCEIF. Therefore, getting a job upon qualifying from INCEIF was hassle-free for me!”

Abdulaziz Goni, Nigeria
CIFP 2010, Thomson Reuters Dubai

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"The fact that INCEIF was set up by Bank Negara Malaysia convinced me that INCEIF is the place for Islamic finance studies as this clearly shows that the university has the support of the government and the industry players. INCEIF has brought us together from various parts of the world; to learn, share and grow in a culture of understanding and cooperation. This relationship would continue as we are now part of the worldwide INCEIF alumni family.”

Alaa Alaabed, Bahrain
PhD 2016, INCEIF

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"Having studied and consulted in Islamic finance for a number of years in Africa & the Middle East, I was in search of an in-depth qualification that would also provide insight into the Malaysian adoption of Islamic finance. After careful review of global universities, INCEIF seemed the obvious choice. I was impressed with the depth of the faculty and gained significantly from their expertise. It is an honor to be an alumnus of this premier university in Islamic finance."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ziyaad Mahomed
PhD 2016, INCEIF

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About SRC

The Student Representative Council (SRC) serves as the voice of the students and advocate on students’ issues of concern to continuously improve their experience at INCEIF. This student body address student’s concerns to the administration, organises events and activities, as well as represent the students at important university events. SRC would play roles in facilitating educational, sports, cultural, social, religious and personality development programs for all students. They would also be responsible to foster ties and promote collaboration among students as well as with the academic faculty members and management.


Vision of SRC 2018
To support the vision of INCEIF and to create a positive impact by empowering and providing relevant experiences and skills for students


Mission of SRC 2018

  • To promote more collaborative, creative and caring community
  • To layout foundations for the continuity and productivity for student clubs
  • To strengthen communal values and develop a sense of shared responsibility in the community
  • To offer convenient platforms for students to acquire vital skills and knowledge

INCEIF SRC Media Links


SRC 2017/2018 Members


Name/Position/Contact Biography

Luqman Sazaki


Mobile: +601 0894 3657


Luqman Sazaki was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He obtained his Bachelors at Taylor’s University in International Business & Marketing. He is an advocate for the UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), and passionate about developing sustainable societies and strong institutions in the ASEAN community. Luqman has interned with Government Linked Companies (GLCs) and a consulting firm Maybank, PETRONAS, AXIATA (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Accenture. Luqman has served in AIESEC; world’s largest youth-run organisation, as Vice President and is an advocate for youth entrepreneurship. He’s enrolled in MSc of Islamic Finance at INCEIF. During his free time, Luqman enjoys reading, spending time with his family and playing music.

Najmul Haque Kawsar

Vice President

Mobile: +601 6701 0227


Najmul Haque Kawsar hails from Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completing his Hifzul Quran course, he enrolled in Bachelors and Masters studies at Madrasa Arabia Baitus Salam and later at Jamia Sharia Malibag. His BA is in Shari’ah and MA is in Hadith. For Bachelors, he studied classical and contemporary texts of Fiqh, Usulul Fiqh, Tafseer, Usulul Hadith etc. For his MA, he studied major 9 books of Hadith and obtained Ijaha in them. During his time at the Jamia, him and few other friends started a monthly magazine, in which he was an assistant editor and graphics designer. Since his undergrad years, he developed deep interest in ethical finance, entrepreneurship, waqf applications, SMEs and other Islamic finance issues, and so in September 2017, he enrolled in MSc in Islamic Finance program at INCEIF. He’s also done some work as RA at ISRA. He communicates fluently in Bengali, English, Arabic and has a good understanding of Urdu as well. He loves solitude, reading books and appreciates sincerity.

Souhaila Guedira

Secretary General

Mobile: +601 1398 06529


Souhaila Guedira is a Moroccan from Rabat. She accomplished her Bachelor and Master in Management degree in Kedge Business School in Marseille, France, majoring in Audit and Finance. She is currently enrolled in MSc in Islamic Finance at INCEIF. Souhaila had the opportunity to be a part of an interesting project for two years called Ethomed SRI, a social and responsible investment promoting responsible finance, a fund linked with “Finance Reconsidered” Chair of Kedge Business School. She was an audit intern in a firm in Casablanca, Morocco, then she accomplished a social and cultural internship in a university in Central Java, Indonesia. Souhaila developed high interest in entrepreneurship, ethical and social finance. Souhaila communicates fluently in Arabic, French and English, is a beginner in Spanish and has a good understanding of Turkish. She loves traveling, discovering cultures, swimming, photography and Arabic calligraphy.

Muhammad Raheel Siddiqui


Mobile: +601 7351 7680


Muhammad Raheel Siddiqui is a Pakistani national from Lahore and belongs to Muslim community. He completed his bachelors at University of Punjab in commerce from Pakistan and he had started working in a one of the famous university of Pakistan “Lahore University of Management Sciences”. He is actually pursuing his studies in MSc of Islamic Finance at INCEIF. Raheel has been equipped with ERP skills as he has certified in SAP FI ERP software from Germany. He has significant experience in administration and management. He has volunteered in several NGO’s in Pakistan. He is passionate of Fintech and waqfs institutions. Raheel has experience of arranging sports events, recreational trips and conducting educational seminars. He was the captain of his college badminton team and served as a badminton senior representative as well. He likes playing badminton, cricket, swimming, travelling and exploring new places. Raheel can speak, write and read English, Urdu and Punjabi languages.

Jin Zichu

Deputy Secretary General

Mobile: +601 7634 2753


Jin Zichu is from Wuhan, China, has pursued her Bachelor degree in Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology. Her field is in International Economics and Trade. During her studies, she was involved in several students’ activities and took part in exchange program where she studied in University of Malaya for one year. She is enrolled in MSc in Islamic Finance at INCEIF. She believes that sharing is caring, INCEIF has created an environment where everyone is willing to share and give each other a lot respect. She would like to help organizing several educational as well as entertaining programs including debates and competitions for students and to promote the university and its students in the field of Islamic finance. Jin was a volunteer in “Green Planet” program in China and was an assistant officer of Samsung Galaxy 8 lunch program in Beijing. Jin speaks Chinese and English, she likes calligraphy and sports.

Khabran Golding

Graduate Studies Representative

Mobile: +601 0894 3657


Khabran Golding is a Muslim from Pretoria, South Africa, who pursued his undergraduate in Bachelor of Economics and Banking. He studied Bachelor of Honours in Economics, at the University of Zululand. While at the University, he led several students’ organizations which fostered academic excellence, leadership and social cohesion. Khabran draws his experience on practical business management and leadership from his stint with the Portuguese based company called Leadership Business Consulting, which has offices globally. Furthermore, he has worked for EMS Invirotel as the assistant to the commercial manager for six months, leaving to pursue MSc in Islamic Finance at INCEIF. He can speak, read and write several South African languages, including English, Afrikaans, Setswana, IsiZulu, Sepedi and Xhosa. He is in progress in learning Arabic and Portuguese languages. He has volunteered in numerous organization, including UN university run programs, and several community outreach, organized by colleagues to assist high school student with mathematics and science. Khabran is passionate about global macro-strategic economic outlook and geo-political dynamics, and how the world could be made a better place for all. His interests are reading, traveling, politics, and various sporting codes.

Hazeem Hareez Bin Hazmi

Professional Studies Representative

Mobile: +601 0788 1506


Hazeem Hareez Bin Hazmi is Malaysian national from Selangor. At the age of 3, he moved with his family to Jakarta, Indonesia. Hazeem was fortunate to be exposed to an international community of students, moving between a few International schools. This has allowed him to gain exposure from different cultures and environments that have helped him mature and lay the foundation for his academic stance today. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance with honours from Taylors University Malaysia. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Islamic Finance Practice in INCEIF. Hazeem joined an internship placement as assistant in Corporate Finance division in Ahmad Zaki Ressources Berhad. He has great interest in sports especially in football and is always fond of English literature to further improve his vocabulary, he speaks English and Bahasa Melayu.

Imran-Firdauz Bin Abu Bakar

Logistics Affairs

Mobile: +601 9376 7023


Imran-Firdauz Bin Abu Bakar is a Malaysian national. He is an alumnus from the University of Warwick in the field of Electronics Engineering, and he furthered his studies and graduated with Master of Science in Automatic Control Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He spent more than 10 years in the microelectronics design industry designing chips, and later writing code scripts to support other engineers. His last post was in Intel Semiconductor as a Design Automation Engineer based in Penang before returning to the Klang Valley and continuing his studies Masters in Islamic Finance Practice at INCEIF. Imran’s interest in Islamic Finance began with the strengthening of the Selangor state’s zakah system, Security Commission’s designation of Shariah compliant stocks and growing of interest-free products available in Banks. Imran speaks in Bahasa Melayu and English, likes brainteasers and logic puzzles.

Nurhafizah Binti Ghazali

Public Relations & Career Development Affairs

Mobile: +601 1566 83142


Nurhafizah Ghazali is from Malaysia. She graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia, where she obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics with honours. There, she served as the President of the Business Economics Student’s Society, and was previously a Corporate Relations Exco of the Student Representative Council, an Assistant Chief Officer of the Kor-Kesatria Brass Band Commander Committee and a Treasurer of the Public Speaking and Debate Society. Nurhafizah worked as a Business Journalist at the Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA) before joining the Master of Islamic Finance Practice at INCEIF. She is passionate about travelling, swimming and badminton. Nurhafizah speaks in Bahasa Melayu and English. She is passionate in extra-curricular and student activities as she loves to challenge and improve herself.