“With hardly a solid background in Islamic finance, I wanted to start my involvement in the industry with a firm foundation. And I got that from the CIFP. In addition, the faculty members and support staff at INCEIF were truly supportive throughout my study at INCEIF. My course mates, who came from all over the world, really bonded and some have become like family to me. I was employed by Thomson Reuters during my CIFP articleship that was coordinated by INCEIF. Therefore, getting a job upon qualifying from INCEIF was hassle-free for me!”

Abdulaziz Goni, Nigeria,
Thomson Reuters, CIFP 2010

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“I chose to pursue the MIF at INCEIF because the programme has a combination of three different disciplines which are Shariah principles, conventional finance and quantitative methods. The MIF provides me with a strong foundation in Islamic finance.

Dr. Ginanjar Dewandaru
Assistant Professors, INCEIF

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“As the chairman of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Malaysia (in 2007), I asked the bank’s president to look into the possibilities of opening up an Islamic window at the bank. The response was it would be difficult to do so due to lack of competent human resource.  Both the president and I did not have enough knowledge on Islamic finance products. I thought as executives of the bank, we should at least know the core idea of Islamic finance.

Yoshihiro Watanabe, Japan
Online CIFP student (Sep 2007), MD of Institute for International Monetary Affairs, Japan, Advisor of The Bankof Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, Japan.

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“As a non-Muslim I found the world of Islamic finance particularly new and exciting. I believe this rapidly expanding industry will offer promising and challenging work for people of all faiths. I chose the CIFP programme as it provides a strong foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of Islamic finance. I am convinced this qualification will provide the necessary training to help further my career.”

Ho Kwong Chin, Malaysia
CIFP 2010, Magistrate, Petaling Jaya Magistrate’s Court

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About SRC

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest decision-making structure of student governance. We serve as the voice of the students to all levels of INCEIF administration. We advocate on issues of concern to the student body to continuously improve your experience at INCEIF. We are students working for other students, and are dedicated to supporting you in all aspects we can. We address students concerns to the administration, organises events and activities on and off-campus and represent the students at important university events. We provide educational, religious as well as personality development workshops for all students.

Purpose of SRC
  • Represent the Student Body of INCEIF – both local and international Student Body.
  • Bridge the gap between Student Body and INCEIF academic faculty and management.
  • Ensure that the Students’ interest is looked after.
  • Foster ties and promote collaboration among students.
Immediate to Medium Term
  • Main point of contact for student affairs (in collaboration with the Admission and Student Affairs Department (ASAD) and INCEIF student affairs officer).
  • Represents students external forums.
  • Organises activities for students – social, academic and career related.
Long Term
  • Undertake activities for the benefit of the council with a view to being self -sufficient.
  • What it means to be part of INCEIF Student Union:-
  • Part of a global community – students from 87 countries around the world.
  • A contact point for all students to interact, online, campus, full time and part time.
  • Exposed to other students with a myriad of different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Be exposed to a vast network of academicians and working professional.
  • Meet people who share common interest and visions.
Benefits of being a member of the Student Body
  • Part of a community of like- minded and caring people, also an avenue for voicing ideas and sharing concerns.
  • Participation in student activities.
  • Interaction opportunities with students from other institutions of higher learning, within Malaysia and globally.
  • United as a Student Body, members can work on ideas with others, and also have the help of the elected representatives.
  • The student body provides an avenue to voice out opinions and lets the members’ voice be heard.