Human Capital

A Career at the Forefront of Islamic Finance

The world’s premiere university for Islamic Finance brings together leaders, academicians, researchers and professionals from all corners of the globe to create a vibrant work environment. The seamless integration of diverse cultures brings about a positive, productive and passionate atmosphere that is as inspiring as it is challenging.

Despite the focus on delivering the best of Islamic Finance education and services, being a practitioner of Islam is not a pre-requisite for a career at INCEIF. Impressive credentials, a strong work ethic and an enthusiastic outlook, however, are; our aim is to nurture a stimulating work environment that provides exciting, enriching and exemplary work experiences. 

When you become a part of the INCEIF family, you enter a world that’s dedicated to respecting individuality, encouraging mutual growth, driving professional as well as personal enhancement, breaking boundaries in all aspects of work and living, and creating a sense of holistic fulfillment, all built on the foundation of sustainable life-long learning.

In this section, you can find out more about career opportunities at INCEIF, the many personal and professional benefits, the unique work culture and employment concepts, and answers to frequently asked questions.