Malaysia In – House Legal Summit 2013

Welcome to the KL In-House Summit 2013

A unique platform for the frank exchange of expert views and the formulation of strategies to deal with opportunities in 2013 and beyond.


Asia’s most respected legal industry publication, Asian Legal Business Magazine, is proud to present the first ALB In-house Legal Summit in Malaysia. This special event is tailored to bring together leading senior-level corporate counsel, business leaders and private practice lawyers. The summit represents a unique opportunity to interact with some of the most active and influential lawyers from Malaysia, Asia and the rest of the world.


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Summit objectives:
- Present a comprehensive outlook of the latest regulatory developments in Malaysia
- Provide a platform for the sharing of best practices in the realm of law
- Create a window of dialogue among key representatives of the Malaysian government and legal community
- Explore solutions to address key legal challenges in Malaysia


Why you should attend:
- FREE* to in-house counsel and business leaders
- In-depth workshops focusing on the latest legal issues presented by top domestic and international law firms
- Opportunities to network and meet leading legal experts and peers
- Panel discussion on the vital role of in-house counsel by some of the world’s most distinguished and dynamic corporate counsel
- VIP networking luncheon & refreshments
- Speaker notes

* Non sponsor law firms and vendor suppliers are exempt from free passes


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