INCEIF Graduate Employability Study

The INCEIF Graduate Employability Study is a retrospective assessment of the value of INCEIF education and its impact on the career and post-graduate paths of our students and Alumn
i. It is critical that we capture their valuable feedback as it will help us make informed decision in our efforts to enhance the INCEIF experience.

As part of the study, INCEIF will be conducting 3 surveys annually that will cover at: point-of-entry, graduation and post-graduation.

These surveys will allow us to collect data on the type of students that actually enrol in our programmes, clarify information on the background of our student and Alumni pool, see where they are now, how have they progressed in life and understand what their expectations are as an INCEIF Alumni

The Alumni survey will start on Tuesday, 19 September, and we invite all our 1,332 Alumni to complete the short survey.  To access the online survey, please click this link: 

At INCEIF, we see our Alumni as agents of change and the catalysts for innovation, not only in the Islamic financial services arena, but also in contributing towards building a sustainable community and an Islamic economy.  Their participation in this survey mean a lot to us as it will make an impact for the betterment of INCEIF and the community in which it operates in.

Note: All information collected will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with third parties.

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