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To proceed with payment, please contact our person in charge at amir@inceif.org or enquire here.

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Address : Lorong Universiti A , 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone : +603 7651 4000 (Marketing and Communication)
Email : info@inceif.org
Fax : +603 7651 4094

If you have enquiries pertaining to applications or admissions, you may contact:

Masters in Islamic Finance Practice
MIFP Admission +603 7651 4097 or email admission@inceif.org

Master of Science in Islamic Finance and PhD in Islamic Finance Programme
Graduate Studies Admission +603 7651 4089 or email admission@inceif.org

If you would like to enquire on specific programmes, you may also contact the following personnel:

Masters in Islamic Finance Practice
Adzriana Abdul Aziz +603 7651 4015 or email adzriana@inceif.org

Graduate Studies
Wan Halina Wan Mustapha +603 7651 4092 or email halina@inceif.org

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