Wondering Aloud

As I mentioned last week I appear to be spending a fair amount of time reading, listening and learning. This is helping me to join up some of the dots and to perhaps explain to others how that may be done. There is no doubt in my own mind though ?That the more I learn the more I realise that I have so much more to understand.? I assume that the same is true for most people and this is what keeps us pressing on in the pursuit of knowledge.

Some interesting opportunities always arise if you make yourself available and are prepared to listen. Out of the blue last evening a crowdfunding organisation approached me and stated that they wanted to meet and discuss joint strategic initiatives. I can imagine where some of them may fit, but the real excitement comes from discovering something that you don?t know. That brilliant piece of insight that allows you to gain some new perspective and to open some fresh doors. This is the opportunity that a discussion may well bring.

The opportunity to ?Wonder Aloud? is a precious gift. Make sure that you seize the moment.


#MTDANAMTL. There is always much to do and not a moment to lose!

Warmest regards and wassalam.


Daud Vicary Abdullah