Shine on Brightly

There was never a better time to have a positive impact by investing in the future of developing countries. The latest data indicates that by 2030 there will be 3 Billion middle class hailing from current emerging countries and they will, by then, represent 70% of Global consumer purchasing power! I do not need to remind you that this date is only 13 years away.

Similar research indicates that there will be 2 Billion millennials by 2020 (just three years away) and that their purchasing, investment and employment decisions are going to be very much guided by alignment to UN SDG?s. In fact 90% of millennials will not invest in companies that are not SDG compliant and 91% would not consider working for one that is not compliant.

The world is changing very fast and with the powerful combination with FINTECH, the future is already here. Millennials please continue to ?Shine on Brightly!?

As ever, there is much to do and not a moment to lose #MTDANAMTL


Daud Vicary Abdullah