Is there a story?

There is talk of Islamic finance having a meaningful narrative with regards to the specific area of financial services that it wants to benefit ( Services that will serve the required social needs and have a positive impact.

In developing this new narrative education and knowledge will play a significant role. Education, from a skills based approach, will have to move towards a more strategic and experiential one with a focus on research rigour, in order to arm the professional and organization with knowledge that would aid in, not only, fulfilling market needs but creating market needs and benefiting the society.

With a new beginning at INCEIF, the story of its purpose and the applicable knowledge developments it is working on, for the industry?s benefit, needs to be expressed. New educational content, thought-leadership knowledge that influences policy and business strategies and new instrument structures are but a few of the developments in play that address market needs and provides a distinctive edge to the industry in developing their narrative.

For INCEIF the objective in the long term is to work with industry and academic partners in a collaborative framework to assist the organizations in not only being sustainable but, more importantly, have a clear line-of-sight in delivering tangible social impact.


Joy Abdullah