Every Moment Has a Fresh Beginning

T.S. Elliot said “every moment is a fresh beginning”. It’s how we want to view the occasion at that point in time that makes all the difference.

With two of our senior leaders retiring  we can either reminisce or look forward. Whilst the former will allow us to emotionally re-live some of the growth pangs, that took place in the past years, it will not result in striding forward to deliver on our mandate of being a knowledge leader.

It’s time for the leadership team to look forward and provide the direction, guidance and clarity in taking ourselves to our 2018 goal of being a reference point for the Islamic finance industry.

The Show Must Go On

Strategically in the past two years we have focussed on developing leaders and driving the industry through research based thought leadership. Today we are starting to see the first signs of returns of the strategic focus as more of our alumni are moving up the corporate ladder and a fair number undertaking strong entrepreneurial businesses. Watch this space, in the coming months, for more stories on what our alumni are doing in society.

Getting to a goal in business is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. To keep pace with the returns of our strategic focus and to ensure we achieve our 2018 organizational goal the management committee of the organization, which is the leadership team of the organization, is now focused on ensuring delivery of tangible social impact in association with its industry and academic partners.

Whilst there is a planned transition in the C-suite, it is business as usual for the management team who are focused on the next phase of institutional sustainability.

Changing with the times

The Islamic finance industry is under a tremendous onslaught from technology, changing regulations, differing national and global economic climate and a rising clamour for more positive social impact of business. In this backdrop there is a clearly felt need for applicable practical knowledge that would aid the industry in creating value for its stakeholders.

Understanding these changes and developing strategic initiatives, that are targeted to create value benefit both for the industry and the stakeholders, the INCEIF management team is now in the midst of charting a course for 2018.

Hand in Hand

Working with our industry and academic collaborative partners, locally and globally, the management team is creating action plans to deliver on initiatives that directly impact the quality of knowledge and the practicality of its research with the objective of providing the industry the knowledge leadership to enable it to tackle the changes and ensure sustainability.

It is not a task that one organization alone can undertake. But when many believe and take up a cause it is but a matter of time and effort before the positivity of the efforts translates into the magic of great results.

In the coming months, through this blog post, we will share the stories of the activities we do and its benefit to all of us in society.


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Joy Abdullah