Research Tools Workshop “Writing An Empirical Paper For A Better Journal”


This 2-day course focuses on writing an empirical paper for high impact journals. The course is built around empirical studies and the emphasis will be on learning by example. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to :

  • Participants would have better understanding of contents and ingredients of commendable and good scholarly papers.
  • Participants would be able to grasp the art and flow of writing good empirical papers.
  • Participants would be exposed to the art and techniques of identify gaps and connecting the DOTS to reach the grasp.
  • Participants would be able to apply suitable methodologies for their empirical work.
  • Participant will undergo group exercise monitored by the facilitators to have real applied feelings.


Workshop Fees: RM500/per person

Closing date for registration: 1st July 2017

For more information contact us at: 


+603 7651 4021 (Ms. Rita)     
+603 7651 4168 (Ms. Wiaam)  
+603 7651 4025 (Ms. Fatimah)