Quantitative Banking and Finance Research (with panel data modelling)

Date: 20 – 22 February 2018

Venue: INCEIF Campus, Kuala Lumpur.



Quantitative research on Banking and Finance has expanded exponentially during recent years (especially after the global financial crisis). It is expected that the field will continue to attract further research attention, especially in light of new developments in the sector. A look at the literature reveals that, among various empirical methodologies, panel data modelling seems to be most widely applied. Hence, in deepening the empirical analysis on subjects related to banking and finance, proper understanding of empirical panel data modelling and intuitive explanation of the results are needed. Indeed, in the presence of conditionality in shaping the relations between the variables of interest and hence the incorporation of interaction terms in empirical functions, researchers must exercise caution to properly interpret the results.

In light of these, this 3-day course exposes participants to a vibrant field of banking and finance as well as focuses on panel data modelling. The specific aims of the course are to:

  • Update contemporary issues in banking and finance as well as potential research agenda
  • Illustrate the econometrics and implementation of panel data modelling, which include static and dynamic panel modelling
  • Discuss in details various statistical issues related to estimation of dynamic panel-data models
  • Have a hand-on experience on model estimation using STATA
  • Provide intuitive interpretation of the results, especially the marginal effect related to the interaction term.


  • Researchers, practitioner and students who are required to write and publish research papers/theses/reports;
  • Academics and professionals who are required to know how to conduct quantitative and applied research.



RM 750 (Malaysian)      |     USD190 (International)


RM550 (Malaysian)*     |    USD140 (International)

*Applicable to student who is studying in Malaysian Universities. Please send a copy of your Student ID as a proof to get the Malaysian rate.



To register, please email the completed registration form to :

research@inceif.org Or 0376514021 (Ms Rita)   |    0376514168 (Ms Wiaam)     



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