Muslim Entrepreneurship Talk

Speaker’s Profile:

Abd Elmohaimen Mansi is the founder of and an events, hospitality, travel & tourism expert, sales and business development consultant dedicated to bringing good ideas to life. With over 10 years of experience, he generated over $9 million worth of revenue for the companies he worked for. In just 3 short years, from 2013 to 2016, he achieved over $4.6 million before deciding to quit and start his own business, Elmangos Group.

He has contributed significantly to the success of global events organised by governments and corporate entities such as:

  • Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Creative Sports Awards
  • Glory World Series Kickboxing Dubai
  • Mohamed Bin Rashid Smart Government initiative
  • Dubai Cycling Tour
  • Emirati Media Forum
  • Global Fighting Championship
  • Hamdan Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid initiative for National Knowledge and much more.

Elmangos is a venture studio focused on building impactful businesses, platforms and events empowering emerging economies. Early 2016, Mansi co-founded his first global event, Global Islamic Economy Entrepreneurship Convention (formerly M Powered Summit) It aims at empowering entrepreneurs in the global Islamic Economy. The event has been featured in many publications such as Thomson Reuters, Reddit, Arabian Business, Wamda, Womena, Ilmfeed, Islam Channel and many other publications. Mansi co-founded Islamic Economy InnoFest as well which is a tech and innovation festival aimed at highlighting and supporting startups in the Islamic Economy. His interest is in helping other entrepreneurs attain freedom, to chase their dreams and inspiring people around him.


Hodan Ibrahim is a serial entrepreneur, publisher and blogger. All her businesses have been started around solving a significant problem within the field of economic development. She is currently working towards her Ec.D designation. She?s the COO at Elmangos Group, a venture studio based out of Dubai and Kuala Lumpur that specialises in identifying opportunities and building impactful businesses in emerging economies. In a nutshell, her specialization is that she bring ideas to life and execute on them. She has the ability to create and manage multi disciplinary projects, solve complex problems and work with a team to produce successful results. She works best when surrounded by a group of talented, focused people on a mission to do great things and respect the creative autonomy of each member.


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