9th Foundation of Islamic Finance Conference (FIFC 2017)

The Ninth foundation of the Islamic Finance Conference (FIFC) is hosted by Lancaster University Management School and is organized by GOLCER research unit of Lancaster University Management School, United Kingdom, in collaboration with the organizers of the FIFC series: the Centre of Excellence in Islamic Studies of the University of Melbourne, Australia and the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) Malaysia. Sunway University Malaysia Business School is associated with the event. The conference welcome speech will be delivered by Professor Mark. E. Smith, Lancaster University Vice Chancellor. Keynote speeches will be given by: The 2016 winner of the Malaysian Royal Award for Islamic Finance and 2010 IDB Laureate Professor Datuk Rifaat Abdel Kareem; The 2016 IDB laureate Professor Kabir Hassan and Professor Datuk Syed Othman Alhabshi, Deputy President Academic of INCEIF, who will deliver an industry lecture on Day 2.

Founded in 2006 with a grant from the Australian Research Council as a non-profit organisation, the FIFC brings researchers and practitioners together so that they may review developments in Islamic banking and finance. The aim of the Conference is to provide a forum for a general exchange of views and to encourage new initiatives across these rapidly expanding areas.

The conference is to be followed by a 2-day Islamic Banking School (IBS) where participants will receive training in modern research techniques. IBS participants who also attend the FIFC receive a 25% discount of the IBS registration fee.

For more details see:http://www.timberlake.co.uk/courses/islamic-banking-and-finance-school.html.

Topics: We invite empirical and theoretical research covering all areas of Islamic banking and finance but not restricted to:

  • Arbitration and Islamic contracts
  • Financial Accounting and disclosure
  • Liquidity challenges, financial risk and stability
  • Transparency, governance and corporate social responsibility
  • Earnings management and impression management
  • Islamic economy, Financial and Capital Markets
  • Islamic Indices performance, volatility and correlation
  • Microfinance, Crowdfunding and SMEs
  • Banking performance, efficiency and productivity
  • Takaful and conventional insurance
  • Sukuk and conventional bond issuance
  • Digital banking
  • Regulation and Shariah governance

Submission Information
Submission deadline: August 7, 2018
Acceptance notification: August 21, 2017

Registration Fees: Students (£200), Academics ((£300), Non – Academics (£400), Early – bird (15% discount)
Registration Deadline: July 1, 2017
Conference fee payment deadline: August 4, 2017

Submission: using the subject heading ‘9 FIFC’, your paper submission may be sent to any of the following: 

Best Paper Award & Journal Special Issues

Minhaj University, Lahore has donated USD$2500.00 towards best paper awards.

Submissions to the conference will be blind reviewed by the Scientific Committee, which will decide the Best Paper Award and journal publications. Selected papers with original contributions to the field will be considered for publication in one of two journals: Thunderbird International Business Review (Elsevier) and Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance (Wiley). Authors of selected papers must submit to the journal by November 31, 2017.

The FIFC has organised commissioned studies to be presented by pre-selected scholars/practitioners as chapters relevant for a book to be published by the Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd UK-USA under the title of: Accounting and Financial Standards for Islamic Banking and Finance: An Assessment. Leading Scholars/Industry professionals in standard are contributing to this book.

Conference Co-Chairs

  • Dr. Marwan Izzeldin (Lancaster University)
  • Dr Yusuf Karbhari (Cardiff University)
  • Professor Mohamed Ariff (Sunway University)

Scientific Committee

Prof Datuk Syed Othman Alhabshi (Deputy President Academic, INCEIF Malaysia), Prof Mohamed Ariff (Chair of Economics & Finance, Sunway University Malaysia), Prof Datuk Rifaat Abdel Kareem (IDB Laureate 2010, INCIEF, Malaysia), Prof Kabir Hassan (IDB Laureate 2016, (University of New Orleans, USA), Prof Mike G. Tsionas (Lancaster University Management School, UK), Prof Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham University), Prof Steven Ongena (University of Zurich), Prof Ana-Maria Fuertes (Cass Business School, UK), Prof Omneya Abdelslam (Durham University Business School, UK), Prof Ishaq Bhatti (La Trobe University, Australia), Dr Marwan Izzeldin (Director GOLCER, Lancaster University Management School, UK), Prof Jill Johnes (Dean, Huddersfield University Business School,UK), Dr Yusuf Karbhari (Cardiff University, UK), Dr Vasileios Pappas (Bath University, UK), Dr Marwa ELnahass (Newcastle University Business School, UK), Prof Emeritus Mervyn Lewis (University of South Australia), Prof Abbas Mirakhor (World Bank; INCEIF, Malaysia), Prof Hussain Mohi-ud-din Qadri (Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan), Prof Shamsher Mohamad (Director, BNP Centre, INCEIF, Malaysia), Prof Abdullah Saeed (The University of Melbourne, Australia), Prof Michael Skully (Monash University, Australia), Gerry Steele (Lancaster University Management School, UK), Prof Ghulam Sorwar (Salford University, UK), Dr Alina Spiru (Lancaster University Management School, UK).