Q1: What is INCEIF?
INCEIF, the global university of Islamic finance was set up by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2006. Its programmes are wholly dedicated to postgraduate study on Islamic finance. To date students have come from over 70 different countries. That makes INCEIF’s Islamic finance course certification the most globally accepted in the world.

Q2: What are the programmes offered at INCEIF?
Masters in Islamic Finance Practice (MIFP) – This programme is an accredited programme by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). MIFP aims to produce finance professionals with expertise in Islamic Finance. It can be pursued either as full-time programme with normal class engagement, or through online study where students with Internet access are able to learn from anywhere around the globe. The papers offered are developed and taught by a teaching faculty comprising renowned international and local scholars in the areas of Shariah and finance as well as Islamic financial services industry experts.

Master of Science in Islamic Finance (MSC) – This programme offers training in the key areas of Islamic economics, finance and Shariah in both theoretical and applied aspects. It provides candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the economic, financial and legal environment in which providers of Islamic financial services operate.

PhD in Islamic Finance (PhD) – This is on campus programme has been developed in a way that produces scholars of international standing whose research furthers theoretical understanding while meeting the practical requirements of the Islamic finance industry.

Q3: What is the language used for INCEIF’s programmes?
English is used for all communications.

Q4: Can a student withdraw funds from the Employees Provident Fund to pay for MIFP, MSC and PhD?
Yes. To apply for withdrawal under this scheme, the student should request for the “Letter for EPF withdrawal” from INCEIF. This can be done by emailing admission@inceif.org

Q5: Accommodation & Living Costs. How much will I need in addition to tuition fees for living in Kuala Lumpur?
Living costs in Kuala Lumpur can vary considerably depending on your lifestyle and the area and type of your accommodation. On average we would recommend that a single person should allow approximately RM1,000 – RM1,500 per month for living expenses; this figure is inclusive of accommodation costs, and assumes sharing a house or apartment with others. The living costs for married candidates and those with children will be higher.

Q6: How easy is it to find accommodation in Kuala Lumpur?
Rented accommodation in Kuala Lumpur is easy to find, however the quality and location will determine the price. The rent would be around RM600-RM1000 per month for a one bedroom flat/apartment. We normally advise candidates to arrive at least two weeks before the programme starts to allow time to find accommodation. The Academic and Student Affairs Office will give you advice and information on how to find suitable accommodation, and put you in touch with fellow candidates who are looking to share a flat.

Q7: Do I have to be a Muslim to study Islamic finance?
No. Islamic finance industry personnel come from many different religions and many different socio-economic backgrounds. The same is true for end-product usage. The phenomenal growth Islamic finance is experiencing is being fuelled not only by the Muslim population but also because consumers of other faiths see Sharia-compliant products as offering a credible alternative for ethical investment that is clean, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Q8: How do I access INCEIF student email?
We’ve created an INCEIF Student Email for you! This will helps ensure the flow of official e-mail from INCEIF to you. We encourage you to use this account as your primary e-mail address.

Q9: How do I find out more about the programmes offered? 
You can find out more by clicking the following links:

MIFP: http://www.inceif.org/academic-programmes/masters-in-islamic-finance-practice/faq/

MSC: http://www.inceif.org/academic-programmes/master-of-science-in-islamic-finance/faq/

PHD: http://www.inceif.org/academic-programmes/doctor-of-philosophy-in-islamic-finance/faq/

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