About CIFP

The Chartered Islamic Finance Professional or CIFP programme is a flagship programme for INCEIF. It was aimed at producing high calibre professionals with the necessary technical skills and knowledge in Islamic finance, specifically in the areas of Islamic banking and Takaful.

The programme delivered a holistic and comprehensive syllabus specifically driven by the industry. It combined both practical and theoretical aspects of Islamic finance, resulting in a holistic learning experience of exceptional quality.

The CIFP programme is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is equivalent to Masters degree. The CIFP qualification can also be used to pursue PhD provided the candidate has obtained excellent results at the CIFP level.

Since June 2014, INCEIF no longer offers the CIFP which has been replaced with the Masters In Islamic Finance Practice. For more information on the MIFP, visit http://www.inceif.org/academic-programmes/masters-in-islamic-finance-practice/

We are confident that the revamped version of the programme will produce professionals who will be able to meet the expectations of the industry upon completion of the programme.

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