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AACSB Accreditation – The Journey



Nov 2012

INCEIF submits AACSB Membership application and it is activated in January 2013. The AACSB membership is a pre-requisite for entering the accreditation process.


Jan 2013

INCEIF submits it’s Eligibility Application (EA) to formally enter the AACSB accreditation process. The purpose of Eligibility Application is for AACSB to determine if INCEIF meets AACSB’s eligibility criteria outlined in AACSB standards.


Jan-Mar 2013

While waiting for the approval of EA, Preliminary Self-Assessment is initiated. It is the most critical step in assessing our readiness to pursue AACSB accreditation. It is a gap analysis of strengths and weaknesses relative to each of the accreditation standards, and Mission and Strategic Management objective. The Self-Assessment is completed in April 2013; however the release of new AACSB Standards in April 2013, resulted in re-visiting of the Self-Assessment and it is completed in August 2013.


May 2013

The Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) approves INCEIF’s Eligibility Application and the committee determined that INCEIF is eligible to proceed with the Initial Accreditation Process. The purpose of Initial Accreditation Process is to establish stable, constructive, ongoing and helpful partnership between AACSB and INCEIF. The Initial Accreditation Process benefits INCEIF in terms of receiving on-going assistance that fosters continuous improvement and minimize non-productive efforts, i.e. experienced counsel from a trained Mentor during the period and feedback through interactions with the Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC).


Sep 2013

Professor Dr. Andrew Griffiths from University of Queensland accepts his appointment as INCEIF’s Mentor.


Sep-Dec 2013

INCEIF starts writing the Standards Alignment Plan (SAP) in September. SAP is a detailed action plan, mainly pertaining to academic matters, showing how INCEIF addresses its areas for improvement during the period of Initial Accreditation and how INCEIF will maintain continuous improvement in its programme. This is also to ensure that INCEIF is ready with a concrete document for discussion during Mentor visit. INCEIF completes the SAP and submits to Mentor in January 2014 prior to his visit.


Feb 2014

Professor Dr. Andrew Griffiths visits INCEIF on 26, 27 and 28 February. His visit is critical in assisting INCEIF in determining its current alignment with the accreditation standards and assist in the development of SAP.


Mar-May 2014

INCEIF improves and finalizes the SAP based on feedback from Mentor and the Accreditation Liaison Officer.


Jun 2014

INCEIF submits Standards Alignment Plan (SAP) for consideration at the IAC Meeting on 5 August 2014.


Aug 2014

IAC Meeting on 5 August accepts INCEIF SAP. The acceptance means that INCEIF now enters the implementation phase of the Standards Alignment Plan (SAP). INCEIF is required to submit reports on the progress made in implementing and achieving the action items detailed in the SAP. The due date of our first Progress Report set by IAC is 15th June 2015.